Beats Powerbeats Pro Review: Bulkier than AirPods

I was let down when Apple unveiled its second-generation AirPods, the recognizable white Bluetooth earphones that have become icons in our culture. I desired a set of AirPods that could withstand workouts and unforeseen downpours while remaining sweat- and water-resistant. In the meanwhile, the Powerbeats Pro appeared to incorporate Apple’s excellent audio technology into a genuine pair of training headphones. We eventually got that with the AirPods Pro.
The Powerbeats Pro are an obvious choice for exercise enthusiasts with iPhones since they combine water and sweat resistance, a low profile design, and distinctive Apple integration. These are rather expensive, but they are worthwhile. They are so great that they have made several of our best pick lists, including those for the best wireless earbuds, headphones, and headphones overall.

Price and availability of Powerbeats Pro

Purchase the $199 Powerbeats Pro right away from Apple or Best Buy. The earphones initially only came in black, but subsequent versions also came in ivory, moss, and navy. The Powerbeats Pro is currently frequently available for approximately $150; for the most recent discounts, visit our Black Friday headphones deals page.
Also keep in mind that the brand-new Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds come with a few of the Powerbeats Pro’s features as well as a few additional. Your decision between them will be aided by our Beats Fit Pro vs. Beats Powerbeats Pro comparison.

Review of a Powerbeats Pro: Setup

If you’ve ever used a set of Bluetooth earphones that weren’t created by Apple or Beats, you are familiar with the standard setup procedure: To connect the ‘buds to your phone, turn them on, put them in pairing mode, open your Bluetooth settings, and tap the device name. While the initial power-on/pair process is unchanged, some wireless earbuds, such as the Jabra Elite Active 65t and the Jaybird Run XT, feature apps that give you more settings after pairing.
Apple has mastered the Bluetooth-headphone configuration in that area. When I opened the Powerbeats Pro case and unlocked my iPhone XS, the Powerbeats animation appeared right away. All that was necessary was for me to tap Connect. The earphones will never need to be turned on because they recognize when I put them in my ears right away.
By pressing on the name of your Powerbeats and turning that setting off, you may disable Automatic Ear Detection in your Bluetooth settings. This will stop audio from starting when you plug in your headphones.

Both style and comfort

The Powerbeats Pro maintains the recognizable around-the-ear hook of the Powerbeats range, which provides stability while you’re exercising. It is crucial given since there is no chord behind the neck to anchor the Powerbeats buds, which are entirely wire-free.
It’s harder to slide the hook around your ear because it’s less flexible than the one on the Powerbeats3. Every time I inserted an earbud, I had to do it with both hands to make sure the hook wasn’t caught in my hair and the tip was firmly tucked into my ear. Otherwise, even with my spectacles on, the hook was quite comfy.
Three extra silicone tip sizes—small, medium, and large—as well as a medium-sized set of silicone tips are included with the Powerbeats Pro earphones.

Finding the best advice required some trial and error. The slightest tips on a metro ride let in too much background noise (chattering tourists, screeching trains). On a run, however, the medium tips protruded too far from my ears, making for an uncomfortable fit. I ultimately chose the smallest option out of the four, which produced a better seal than the others but wasn’t flawless. Naturally, your results may vary; earbud fit is very individual.


You can listen to music while wearing only one earbud and still pause and play songs, answer and reject calls, activate Siri, and adjust the volume. The music will cease if you remove an earbud, but it may be resumed.
Even without the ability to see them, the controls are quite simple to locate. This is essential for exercising. Just feel for the B logo by running your fingers over the earpiece. Tap the playback control button once to pause or resume it, twice to skip a track, three times to go back, and long-press to bring up Siri. On top of each bud is where you’ll find the volume rocker.

The Powerbeats Pro utilizes Apple’s new H1 processor, just like the second-generation AirPods, enabling both earphones to connect to your phone. As neither earbud takes precedence, they are always linked and you can use one while it is charging. The Powerbeats Pro linked to my iPhone pretty immediately; even before the first earbud was firmly in my ear canal, I could hear the distinctive “bloop” of the connecting noise. After placing both buds in my ear, it takes my first-generation AirPods, which use Apple’s outdated W1 chip, a few seconds to connect to my phone.


The Beats Powerbeats Pro certainly wowed us, but they aren’t the best true wireless earbuds currently available.
These earbuds still don’t have noise-cancelling capabilities like the AirPods Pro, water resistance like the Jaybird Run XT, or a superior audio experience than the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds.
These earhooks, the pressure-relieving micro-laser barometer venting hole, the longer battery life, and the greater sound quality make them—in our opinion—best Apple’s exercise earbuds to date.
Hence, if you’re an Apple fan who enjoys better-sounding music and features like hands-free, we recommend purchasing these earbuds. Hey Siri, don’t mind spending a little more money on those items.

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