Is The Skytech Azure Gaming Computer A Worthwhile Gaming PC?

Gamers that prefer playing some of the newest AAA titles on 1440P resolution, such as Warzone 2 and Elden Ring, are the Skytech Azure’s target market. If you plan to purchase this PC, you should have a monitor that can display in 1440P resolution. This PC is probably not for you if you don’t want to game at 1440P. Instead, I recommend that you read my reviews of the Skytech Nebula for 1080P gaming and the Skytech Blaze 3.0 for 4K gaming. When it comes to affordable and high-quality gaming PCs, Skytech has been a major participant. Many people vouch for their level of quality because it is user-friendly and offers excellent customer service.
Do they follow suit with one of their higher end models, the Azure, and is this PC still worthwhile to purchase in the current market?
That’s precisely what this article will cover. After reading this, I hope you’ll be more certain about whether you should buy this Computer or not.

Feature Principal

I wanted to go over all of the important features that are included with the build itself before I got into all of the hardware associated with this PC.
This computer boasts built-in 802.11AC WiFi, Windows 10 that is pre-installed without any bloatware, at least 6 total USB ports, and a complimentary RGB keyboard and mouse that comes with it. It also has adjustable RGB lighting for the fans and the trim lighting on the chassis.

The majority of other Skytech PCs allow you to change color using an LED button on top of the case, but this PC comes with a pre-installed program that lets you alter the color of the lighting zones right inside the app.
There was no included app with the previous Skytech PCs I’ve evaluated. They featured a button that you could press to cycle among the various effects and colors.
However, because they utilize whatever brand of motherboard they happen to have at hand when they assemble the PC, you might need to download a few more drivers to get the lighting to function properly.


The performance of the graphics card in conjunction with the processor will have the biggest impact on performance in terms of gaming.
In this setup, an AMD Ryzen 3600X CPU and Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU were employed. The processor is a fantastic pick to pair with the video card, which is one of the newest and most potent video cards on the market.
It’s encouraging to see that some of these pre-built computers can acquire some of the latest 3000 series video cards given the state of the industry at the moment. These days, finding them is rather challenging. Nearly the only way to buy such cards is in pre-built PCs.
Performance of a graphics card

This kind of hardware is required if you want a gaming PC that can play games like Call of Duty: Warzone at over 100 frames per second at 1080p, Fortnite at over 150 frames per second at 1080p, or Rainbow Six: Siege at over 200 frames per second at 1080p at the maximum graphical settings.
With this kind of gear, 1440p is also extremely feasible. In 1440p, Fortnite often runs at a frame rate of 150. Even with the highest graphics settings, Call of Duty: Warzone will only maintain a frame rate of 80 to 90.
Performance of the processor
Processor speed has more to do with the variety of jobs that your PC must complete than it does with gaming performance.

Indeed, a strong CPU is necessary to achieve the best possible levels of video card and CPU performance for gaming. But, whether you work at all with content production tools or simply render various kinds of information, the processor is equally crucial.
This computer has a Ryzen 5 3600X processor, a 6-core 3.8GHz processor. It’s a fast CPU because of the high speed, the large number of cores, and the ability to slightly overclock it if you ever felt the need. The main drawback of this PC is that it may include storage from a more recent generation and liquid cooling. It has been a popular choice for a while now because some comparable builds available do not have these features.


The review of the Skytech Azure gaming computer is now complete.
You should call and determine whether or not this would be a good gaming build for you now that you have all the information you require about the desktop.
When you factor in the expense to construct something comparable now… There is no doubt that taking this way would save you money.
Check out the $2,000 build guide on this website if you’re interested in some part lists for around this price point (until the market decides to return to “normalcy”).
Moreover, you ought to click over to Amazon and check some of the reviews on this build. Some users express their satisfaction with this build by going into even greater detail regarding the PC as a whole.

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