Review Of The Beats Powerbeats Pro: Larger Than AirPods, But With Superior Sound

Although the PowerBeats Pro are a superior smartphone accessory for iPhone users, AirPods can be alluring. These are the true wireless headphones you want in Apple Land because they are sweat-resistant, provide real noise isolation, and comfortably suit your ears.
If you love Beats or Apple, real wireless Beats are now available. Although the Powerbeats Pro costs $100 more than the AirPods, it provides far superior isolation, sound quality, and comfort. If iPhone customers want an audio device that not only offers the advantages of the H1 processor, but also the flexibility given by not just the best wireless Beats, but some of the best true wireless headphones on the market, they should definitely snap this up.


A sporty style
Hands-free operation
outstanding sportswear
The Beats Powerbeats Pro has a lot of appealing aesthetic elements. These earbuds feature an athletic appearance while yet being wearable outside of the gym.
The Powerbeats Pro have a volume rocker and a central playback control button where the Beats branding normally would be on each of the two earphones. This is a convenient function because it allows you to control your music with whichever hand is free. (Of course, if Hey Siri is enabled, you may do the same result by just using the wake word as a voice command.)

The Pro buds’ outstanding comfort, both in terms of how they fit in and around the ear and how they feel when you’re listening to music, also helps.
You might remember an in-ear pressure while listening to music if you’ve used other truly wireless headphones in the past. We have definitely experienced this when using other workout earbuds, such as the Jaybird X4, but the Powerbeats Pro completely eliminates it.
That’s because the front chamber has a micro-laser barometer venting hole that, in Apple’s terms, lowers ear pressure and enhances bass response. Not that the bass levels on Beats headphones require any assistance.


The Powerbeats Pro have, in our opinion, outperformed most of their competitors in this additional category. You see, the Beats have traditional buttons on each earbud in place of the touch controls that are typically seen on similar true wireless headphones.

The Beats logo serves as a button to control everything else, allowing you to pause or play your music, skip a track, return to the previous song, and summon Siri with a single press. Each earpiece has a volume rocker so you can quickly turn up the sound to motivate you up a particularly steep incline.
The earphones’ buttons, like touch controls, prevent you from taking your phone out of your pocket and interfering with your run or workout. But, we discovered that the buttons were less prone to mistakes, and there was far less possibility that our favorite music would be rudely missed by the brush of a sweater or stray shoulder.
Although we found we used this quite infrequently, the voice assistant is useful if you want to carry out more difficult tasks like checking the forecast or setting a timer.

Audio quality

Regrettably, the Powerbeats Pro fell short of expectations in this area. Do not misunderstand us; the sound quality is excellent and a significant step up from most earphones. These didn’t quite deliver the punch we were hoping for, especially given the expensive price and the brand’s reputation for loud sound.
The Powerbeats Pro actually sounds… pretty good. The design of genuine wireless earphones presents some difficulties that highlight some sound quality flaws, but overall, the new Beats in-ears deliver a consumer-friendly frequency response that won’t rattle your skull.

As is typical with a Beats product, the bass has a notable increase, and the highs and high mids have been somewhat enhanced to assist the instruments stand out a little bit from the packed chaos of a loud music. A response like this works well with most contemporary music, while it might not please the most discerning listeners (who might prefer something like the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3).
The lowest half of a piano, the majority of wind and string instruments, and some singers, on the other hand, will sound about three-quarters to one-half as loud as the bass notes or highs, which is a slight problem. Vocals—particularly higher-pitched voices—can occasionally sound a little muted in relation to the rest of the music in mixes with a lot of instruments.


The Beats Powerbeats Pro certainly wowed us, but they aren’t the best true wireless earbuds currently available.
These earbuds still don’t have noise-cancelling capabilities like the AirPods Pro, water resistance like the Jaybird Run XT, or a superior audio experience than the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds.
These earhooks, the pressure-relieving micro-laser barometer venting hole, the longer battery life, and the greater sound quality make them—in our opinion—best Apple’s exercise earbuds to date. Follow us for more useful information!

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