Review Of The Philips H4205: Features And Cost

I may also try the Philips TAH4205 4000 Series headphones, which are another item of similar kind. I was excited to test them out and compare them to other gadgets, such over-ear JBL headphones. When you wish to hear music and other noises clearly, these earphones can occasionally be more comfortable than earbuds.


button for bass enhancement. An increase in bass strength
With their potent 32 mm neodymium acoustic drivers, these on-ear headphones deliver clear audio with deep bass. Simply hit the BASS boost button when you want more, and you’ll notice the difference right away.
29 hours of gameplay. USB-C powering
A USB-C 2-hour charge gives you up to 29 hours of playtime. If your battery starts to run low, a fast 15-minute charge will extend the playback time by 4 hours.
Lightweight, padded headband that is adjustable
These on-ear headphones, which come in chic matte hues, include a cushioned headband that is so light you won’t even notice it. The soft ear cups may be adjusted to the ideal angle and are clearly labelled for the left and right ears.

Design that folds flat for simple storage
Follow the bass line. The ear cups may be stored in your pocket or bag with ease because they fold flat and rotate inward. Once you’ve folded them, you’re prepared to depart.
multipurpose button. Easily manage calls and music
dislike the song that is playing? With a lengthy press, skip it. You wish to decline a call. To solve that, just push a single button. These earphones use smart Bluetooth pairing, which allows them to remember the last devices they were associated with.
clever coupling. automatic Bluetooth device discovery
The multi-function button on these wireless Bluetooth headphones may be used to pair them with just one long press. The headphones recall the last device they were paired with once they have been paired.
a portable, foldable, and compact design
Very tiny and foldable, great for travel and allowing you to take your music with you.

How the Philips H4205 headphones work

Without using a phone or computer, the headphones can be operated.
When the headphones are turned on after pushing the start button, the diode will light up, alerting us to the moment they begin to discharge.

This projecting pin is the most significant button—actually, it’s six buttons together. On it, we will carry out all of the following actions: one click will start or stop the music; one movement up will turn up the volume; one movement down will turn it down; two quick movements up and down will change the song; one press will answer the phone; two seconds of holding the button down will reject the call.

Use of the Philips H4205 on a regular basis

The comfort of wearing the headphones is excellent. These can be made to fit your head and ears, preventing pinching. The sponges themselves are incredibly plush. After using these types of headphones for a while, I frequently experience ear pain. I did not experience this issue with the Philips TAH4205, yet I frequently used them to work on YouTube, where, as you are aware, I produce subtitles. While watching a movie might last for several hours, comfy headphones with a good loudness are helpful for this activity.
They lack the active silencing that I miss. As I previously indicated, I utilized them for business situations where I needed to concentrate on what the characters in the movie were saying, particularly when names and technical terms were spoken. Sadly, the absence of active silence allowed me to hear everything going on around me. We won’t be listening to music all the time, let’s face it. I prefer to maintain the volume at a reasonable level because this frequently gives me a headache. The ANC might be beneficial here.

When I was bending over a lot while cleaning, for example, over-the-ear headphones did not come off of my head. This is undeniably a plus for them. Certain headphones have a tendency to fall off, particularly if your head is small like mine.
It also took me some time to adjust to using the “pin,” or joystick if you prefer. I had no issues with it, and it functions fairly well.
I have charged the Philips TAH4205 headphones once since I received them for testing. 29 hours of use is a respectable amount of time for headphones. What’s also nice is that their charge percentage was displayed on my computer, a MacBook Pro, which for me is a positive because at least I know how long I should plan to charge them.


For beginners, the Philips H4205 headphones are a solid piece of gear. These are unlikely to get the audiophile’s notice. For me, their volume is adequate. They are comfortable to wear and, most importantly, do not come off the head. Additionally, a single little joystick has numerous capabilities that let us carry out as many as six operations linked to music and accepting and rejecting calls. As I directed the bass, I was unable to detect any significant differences.
The absence of ANC, which is quite helpful at work, is the major drawback.
For those who don’t have too high of expectations, enjoy over-ear headphones, and value the ability to control music directly from the “ear,” I would say that these headphones are a good choice.
I cannot, however, suggest these headphones to an ANC enthusiast or audiophile who reads this article.

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