Review Of The Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC 2022: Is This Tiny PC Valuable?

With AMD’s Ryzen 7 2nd generation CPU and Nvidia’s RTX 2070 Super graphics, the Skytech Chronos Gaming PC Desktop provides top-tier gaming performance. Enjoy the most popular and challenging games of today while watching them online. A fantastic high-value gaming system that is perfectly suited for years of gaming success comes with speed and space packed in the form of blazingly fast 3000MHz memory and a 500 GB SSD hard disk.

Feature Principal

I’d want to go through some of the important characteristics of this build before we get into what you can anticipate from the hardware in terms of gaming performance.
This computer boasts three movable ARGB case fans, integrated wifi, a ton of USB ports, pre-installed Windows 10 with no bloatware, and a straightforward gaming keyboard and mouse.
With this setup, the ARGB looks fantastic and offers a wide range of color and setting options.
On ARGB fans, changing the colors is enjoyable because there are so many different effects to experiment with.
ARGB illumination alternates between about 7 different conventional hues, but it also has a variety of modes and effects. Using the LED button on the case’s top, you may cycle through each one.

The motherboard’s 802.11AC connection is where the built-in wifi is connected. When it comes to maintaining a strong, wireless connection, this kind of connection is essentially the “standard” in the business.
But, as it will give you the best performance for online gaming, I still strongly advise using Ethernet to connect to your internet.
On the top of the case are two USB 2.0 slots and one USB 3.0 slot for USB devices. The motherboard is followed by four USB 3.0 slots and four USB 2.0 slots towards the back.
So, you won’t need to worry about not having enough slots for all of your numerous gadgets. For everything you’d need, there are more than enough slots.
The amazing Skytech way of pre-installing Windows 10 means that it doesn’t come with any bloatware or other crappy apps.
You’d be shocked by how many manufacturers of prebuilt gaming PCs try to convince you to sign contracts requiring you to subscribe and keep a ton of software installed.

RAM & Hard Disk RAM

The 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz Memory that comes with the Skytech Chronos is very standard. Although that is decently performing RAM, I would not want a new PC with slower RAM than that. These days, 16GB is also a relatively normal option, but once more, I wouldn’t want less for a new PC. It is safe to assume that the Skytech Chronos offers a Memory configuration that is essentially at the bare minimum. However, the good thing is that you can install extra Memory if you need it.

Hard drive: The Skytech Chronos has a 1 TB NVMe SSD disk as standard equipment. The drive will not only be extremely quick, but it also has a large capacity. For the next three to five years, you might find it challenging to fill up the drive unless you take a lot of images and save a lot of films.The pop-colored watch strap of the smartwatch, which is marketed to children aged four to twelve, undoubtedly indicates the brand’s ambition to connect with a younger demographic. Yet because the GPU market has been favorable for a while, you might start to see how this price point for this level of performance makes sense. If you want to construct your own PC, you could try to be patient and wait for the newer generation hardware to come back into stock, but if you want to start gaming at 1080p now more than ever, this is often the kind of GPU you’ll find with prebuilt PCs like this.

GPU Efficiency

This computer’s GPU is a 6GB GTX 1660. This GPU is designed to run most games at high graphics settings at an average frame rate of 60 to 70.
This Computer most likely uses a Zotac GTX 1660, though the precise brand may change depending on availability.

That’s with regard to Big games like Red Dead Redemption 2. (RDR2). RDR2 is an excellent game to use as an example since it illustrates how better your graphics card needs to be the more graphically demanding the game.
This kind of performance is ideal for you if you’re not searching for 100+ FPS on your 144hz monitor.
Not so long ago, constructing your own Computer for roughly $900 would easily allow you to achieve performance levels of 100+.
Yet because the GPU market has been favorable for a while, you might start to see how this price point for this level of performance makes sense.


The Skytech Chronos tiny gaming PC review is now complete.
The crucial information concerning this desktop is now clear to you. So, it begs the question, “Is this the PC for you?”
Adding up all the expenses… You could build your own PC for approximately $150 less now if you used equivalent hardware. Yet that’s not quite the case given the GPUs’ current prices.
You can still look at some of the PC construction tutorials on our site, despite how the market is currently. With the current pricing of the majority of GPUs, prebuilt PCs have come a long way and make perfect sense.
Consider reading some of the other Amazon reviews as well; a lot of people gave this book very excellent ratings!

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