Review Of The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830

One of the most affordable point-and-shoot cameras that is worthwhile is the Sony Cyber-shot W830. It is a point-and-shoot compact that delivers an improvement over the least expensive models on the market while maintaining a double-digit price tag. It has an 8x optical zoom, 20 Megapixel resolution, and 720p video recording capabilities all housed in a tiny and light design. Although you won’t get WiFi or 1080p video for this kind of money, the essentials are present, along with a practical zoom range, panorama option, and in-camera charging. In my opinion, it is the greatest compact available for less than $100.

Design and management

The Sony W830 won’t let you down if you’re searching for a compact that you can easily slip into a shirt or pants pocket and forget about. It is much more compact than the COOLPIX S3600, having a few millimeters less width and height, as well as a few grams less weight. The Sony W830’s body is really a little slimmer, but it is slightly thicker at 22.5mm compared to 19.9mm for the COOLPIX S3600. This is entirely due to the projecting lens bezel. Comparing dimensions only goes so far, but the W830 seems and feels slightly more compact than the COOLPIX S3600.

The W830 isn’t as curved as the COOLPIX S3600, while being smaller. When paired with the protruding bezel, its flat top plate and rounded ends create a less contemporary and fashionable overall appearance. Despite being somewhat bigger than the W830, the S3600 has a far more elegant appearance. Not only that, but the controls on the W830 are less useful than those on the S3600. The on/off button is flush mounted on the top panel and is silver in color, complementing the silver strip that runs along the top panel and all of the W830’s controls. The shutter release comes next; there is no zoom collar; instead, a rocker switch on the back panel is used to control zoom. Like the on/off switch, the shutter button has a lozenge form and is flush placed.
I struggled a lot with this. First of all, the button is hard to find until you hunt for it, and secondly, the distance required to press the button halfway to engage the autofocus and exposure metering is rather short. It’s far too simple to unintentionally take a shot when all you intended to do was frame up, meter, and focus.


The Sony DSC-W830 is a little slow because it can take up to three seconds after you push the button before it takes a picture. But given that other cameras in this price range would also take a few seconds, that is not unusual, and to be fair, many users wouldn’t even notice the difference.
Menu: Controlling it is not difficult because to the menu system’s simplicity. However, the lack of a quick menu makes it a little more difficult to change various settings frequently, such as ISO sensitivity, focus mode, etc. The smiling shutter feature does, however, have its own button, which is a plus.

Continuous Shooting: Its continuous shooting ability is mediocre at 1.0 frames per second, but if you’re persistent enough to hold your finger on the shutter for more than two minutes, you can still get up to 100 images per minute.The W830’s 20.0 MP CCD sensor can capture still images at a maximum resolution of 5152 × 3864 pixels. Images are saved in JPEG format at a single quality level, producing files that are 8MP in size. In program auto mode, the ISO sensitivity ranges from 80 to 3200 ISO, and in intelligent auto mode, the shutter speed ranges from 1s to 1/1600.


The Sony Cyber-shot W830’s camera body is made of polycarbonate with a metal finish. You may switch between photo, panorama mode, and video recording with the mode switch on the back. To enter playback mode, press the playback button.

With its small size and light weight of just 120g (with the battery and memory card), the camera is portable and fits easily into even small pockets. For a compact camera, the battery life is rated at 210 shots, which is about average. But, charging the camera is simple because you can use the included USB cable and plug it in anywhere there is a USB port.The camera includes a 20.1 megapixel CCD sensor, records videos in 720p (1280×720 pixels), and can take 360-degree photos. There are many scene modes and Intelligent Auto makes it simple for beginners. There has a built-in flash, face-detection focus, and an ISO speed adjustment.
A 2.7-inch screen with 230K dots is located on the rear. Including the battery and memory card, the camera only weights 120g. It is incredibly little, measuring 93.1 x 52.5 x 22.5mm.


The Sony DSC-W830 is a fairly decent camera overall, but keep in mind that it is not a full-frame DSLR and is instead a reasonably priced point and shoot.
Consider other possibilities if you need this camera for a certain style of photography, such as sports or landscapes. But, if you’re a novice photographer who simply uses it to capture memorable moments with friends and family, this might be a fantastic fit for you, especially given how reasonably priced it is.

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