Skullcandy Jib Real 2 Transparency Series Evaluation

Simple genuinely wireless in-ears are the Skullcandy Jib True Wireless. They have a solid-feeling design, a bass-heavy but generally well-balanced sound profile, and good passive noise isolation ability. Sadly, their fit isn’t the most secure, and its microphone has trouble separating speech from background noise. They also have considerable wireless latency, although if you don’t intend to view or play a lot of movies or video games while wearing them, this may not be a big issue.


The Jib True don’t feel cheap or poorly built, despite their low price. Our review unit was painted in the contemporary Blue color scheme with striking red and yellow accents. They are also available in more neutral Black or Gray hues. Although significantly chunkier, the earbuds don’t protrude too far from your ears. Each earbud features a real playback and volume control button on the exterior. You have to grip the top edge of the earbud and try to pinch the button because it’s tough to press these buttons without pushing the earphones uncomfortable far into your ears. It would be simpler to just use your phone to control playing because this isn’t really convenient.

It’s fantastic to see in this price range that the earphones have an IPX4 grade for sweat and water resistance.
The charging case is extremely thin and easily slides into small jeans pockets. The earphones’ bulky form makes it simple to remove them even though the case lid doesn’t open very widely. A single white LED is present on the outside of the case and blinks intermittently, however it is unclear what message it is sending. A dated microUSB port for charging is located on the back.

Device management

As soon as the in-ears are taken out of the casing, they may be paired. They support Bluetooth 5.0 and single-sided use in single mode. When the headphones are placed back in the charger, the mechanism is activated and instantly enters pairing mode. Conversely, a long press on the surface-mounted buttons will turn the in-ears off manually, and a quick press will turn them back on.

A single touch can start and stop music, as well as answer and end phone conversations, after a wireless connection has been established. By momentarily pressing and holding the left headphone to go back and the right headphone to go ahead, the track can be selected. A double press on the left lowers the volume, while a double press on the right raises it. Volume control is also accessible. Moreover, you can activate voice assistants by pushing the sides three times each. Overall, this is an effective operational concept that provides a variety of control possibilities, especially given how consistently the remote reacts. The buttons, however, appeared a little firm, which can lead to an ear pressure sensation. When managing your smartphone, you may hold the headphones with two fingers thanks to the size of the housing. We also observed that the Bluetooth connection’s range varied significantly depending on the device being used. Within an urban setting, there was a range of little about seven to ten meters when used in conjunction with various Android and iOS devices, with sporadic dropouts. When making a phone conversation, you have to understand that while the person on the other end can be heard well, your voice will sound a little choppy and have a propensity to hiss.


The Jib True may be utilized with low distortion and have a high output with outstanding reserves. With these headphones, you don’t need to crank up the volume since the round, powerful bass response provides enjoyable listening at any volume. The rich low bass sounds suitably defined, doesn’t boom or rumble, and doesn’t appear muffled, even though the precision in the lower frequencies is reduced.

This results in a warm but somewhat clear sound image from these in-ears. The middle tone is attractive and accurately reproduces lead instruments and vocals. Although the treble range feels somewhat more controlled, the highs do not drop off. Even at greater levels, the reproduction is delicate and lacks any roughness or sharpness. There are no obvious weaknesses in this regard. Instead, considering their cost, they provide a superb, bass-driven sound with a high level of pleasure.


The Skullcandy Jib True are a cheap pair of wireless earbuds, as was stated at the beginning. The Jib True may be an excellent choice for individuals looking for something straightforward and affordable, either for themselves or someone else. Although the audio quality isn’t particularly good technically, individuals who like a lot of bass in their songs might still appreciate it. Also, the earbuds include a few pleasant features including water resistance and a respectably long battery life. Yet, if you have the extra cash, there are better-sounding choices available, such the Lypertek Levi and Jays F-five. Follow us for more useful information!

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