The 4 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Review

Finding the best in-ear wireless headphones boils down to what matters most to you, whether you have a phone without an audio jack or prefer the freedom of going wireless. If you require in-ear headphones for the gym, fit and durability will likely be more important to you than noise isolation and battery life if you need earphones for the workplace. There are specialized types to suit almost any purpose, and some are even sufficiently adaptable to keep up whether you’re sitting on a bus or running a marathon. Where do you begin when there are so many distinct models to pick from?
These are our picks for the top wireless earbuds after purchasing and testing over 220 pairs of in-ear headphones and wireless earbuds. Check out our picks for the best Bluetooth headphones if you’re wondering about wireless headphones in general. If you have a specific budget in mind, you may also look at our recommendations for the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $50 and under $100.

Bose True Wireless QuietComfort Earbuds II

The top wireless earbuds we’ve tested are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Really Wireless. If noise isolation is important to you, these premium headphones are the finest option. They offer an excellent noise cancelling (ANC) system that surpasses rivals like the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) Truly Wireless, as do the majority of Bose’s product line. These are an excellent option for office work or lengthy flights because they effectively block out ambient noise and airline engine sounds. They can run constantly for well over six hours with their ANC on, and their carrying case has an extra three batteries in case you run out.

They are somewhat smaller than their predecessor, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Truly Wireless, and offer a very comfortable fit, despite being bulkier than other choices on this list. Moreover, they have stability fins to keep them in your ear when you’re moving around. Its u-shaped sound offers extra thump and punch to your music right out of the box, and singers and instruments sound clear. The visual EQ and presets in their accompanying app enable you change their sound to your satisfaction if you prefer a different one. Nevertheless, while being high-end headphones, they do not offer multi-device pairing, which is unexpected given their pricing.

Reflect Aero TWS JBL

The JBL Reflect Aero TWS are perfect if you want a set of true wireless earbuds that work with Alexa or Google Assistant voice control. This is the best option in our guide to workout headphones since the winged earbuds are stable, have straightforward settings, are waterproof and sweatproof (IP68 rated), and are comfortable to wear. The Reflect Aero TWS, however, has uses beyond exercises. The quality is superb right out of the box, and utilizing the equalizer controls in the JBL mobile app, you can adjust it to your tastes. For true wireless earbuds, this pair’s eight-hour battery life is respectable, and the pocket-sized case provides an additional 16 hours of charge (though we wish it supported wireless charging). Active noise suppression is highly effective, and a hear-through mode is available if you need to hear what’s around you. You can even decide to only use one earbud at a time if that’s what you prefer. Clear phone calls are ensured by six microphones, and the Reflect Aero TWS pair can be connected to two devices at once.

This set features stabilizing wings, just like the Beats Fit Pro, to hold the earphones in place. JBL offers three different wing sizes so you can select the one that snugly fits your ear. Although the fit was agreeable according to our testers, those with really small or delicate ears could discover that the pressure of the wings becomes tiresome after some time. The touch-based controls on the Reflect Aero TWS are simple to understand and use, but we wish they could simultaneously handle playback, volume, noise cancellation, and the hear-through functionality. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pick one of those features to ignore. JBL offers a one-year warranty on this pair in case anything goes wrong.

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) Truly Wireless

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Truly Wireless are the best upper-midrange wireless earbuds we’ve evaluated. They are an improvement on the original Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless and offer the same superior construction, comfy design, and Apple-only features including a virtual surround sound capability and an H2 chip for quick pairing with iOS devices. Unlike the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Really Wireless, they don’t have sound customization features, but they do offer a well-balanced sound profile that works with most audio sources.

Bass and mid-range noise is effectively suppressed by its active noise cancellation (ANC) feature. You can only modify the ANC in the “Transparency” mode when you want to hear your surroundings. With ANC enabled, these earphones have a battery life of six hours, and its case can contain four more charges, so you can always top it off. The Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 premium earbuds have a longer battery life and may last for approximately nine hours on a single charge. They are less comfortable, though, and their ANC doesn’t work as well.

Anker Soundcore Space A40 Truly Wireless

The best lower mid-range Bluetooth earbuds we’ve tested are the Anker Soundcore Space A40 Truly Wireless. The internals of these earbuds are equivalent to more expensive headphones because they are loaded with functions. They are constructed of cheap-feeling plastic, though, and the control layout isn’t very clear. They don’t have stabilizing fins either, which makes them more likely to fall out after a vigorous workout. If you don’t want to spend as much money on buds, they can still be a good option.
These earbuds perform as well in terms of ANC as some of the more expensive options on this list, like as the Google Pixel Buds Pro Truly Wireless. The Anker, however, effectively blocks out bass and midrange noise, and you can choose between four ANC settings: “High,” “Medium,” “Low,” and an adaptive ANC feature that adapts to the ambient noise level. The fact that they have an eight-hour continuous battery life, an auto-off feature, and four additional charges in the carrying bag means that they will operate for the duration of an extended journey or a hectic day at work.

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