The 5 Best PS4 Gaming Headsets

If you enjoy playing PlayStation games and are seeking for the finest PS4 headset, you are probably familiar with the dizzying array of choices. There are undoubtedly many options, but recognizing your priorities can aid in making a choice. Wireless headphones are a need for individuals that play video games primarily on their couches and detest having a long cord running to their PS4. Yet, people who believe that having to monitor their headphones’ battery life is the worst thing ever will probably lean toward a wired headset. Some headphones come with companion software that allows you to adjust the sound, access virtual surround features, and even manage mic performance if you wish to personalize your audio experience. Yet, any decent set of gaming headphones will be cozy enough for extended periods of play and effectively localize noises like footsteps in the stereo image.
Below are our picks for the top PS4 headphones after testing over 710 different models. Check out our suggestions for the best headsets for the PS5, best gaming headsets, and best gaming headsets for Xbox One if you’re seeking for our top picks for other consoles and the PC.

Wireless SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is the top PS4 headset we’ve tried. Only the Xbox version of this headset allows wireless compatibility with both consoles if you utilize more than one platform. It is available separately for the Xbox and the PlayStation. It comes with a wireless transmitter dock that allows you to play while having access to controls like EQ settings, volume, and sidetone. Because of the low latency connection it offers, the audio and video of your game never lag. Also, these headphones have interchangeable battery packs that you can charge on the dock while not in use so you always have one pair of fully charged batteries available. A single battery can be used continuously for roughly 25 hours.

They also enable Bluetooth, so you may listen to audio from your console while conversing or listening to music on your phone at the same time. They contain an active noise cancelling (ANC) mechanism, which sets them apart from most gaming headsets we’ve used. Although they do an excellent job of minimizing sounds like background conversations or a computer fan, they are not very effective with bass-range noise, such as the sound of a busy street. They have a bass-heavy sound right out of the box that helps highlight sound effects like footsteps. If you’d rather have a different sound, though, its associated software provides a parametric EQ and presets. They are well-built, have an excellent overall mic performance, and most users find them to fit well. The drivers, however, can eventually start to feel uncomfortable since they can press against your ears, especially if you have a larger head.

One is SteelSeries Arctis 9.

The Arctis 9 is your best option if you’re a PS4 gamer with an eye on the near future among the many members of the Arctis family. You can turn the headset on and off, and your system will take care of the rest, thanks to its wireless capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to feed speaker inputs through the hub. All things considered, there is a lot to choose from for $199, £179, or AU$ 280.
The response is flatter and more akin to a set of studio cans than other gaming models, like all models in this historic family. Drum and bass fans may wish to search elsewhere as a result of the less strong bass response. Everyone else is treated to a rich soundscape that’s excellent for gaming, but it’s not so carefully tuned that it can’t work for music or movies, either.
Although it is possible to disable virtual surround, which is available on the menu, the stereo setup produces the greatest sound. The retractable mic isn’t really impressive; in comparison to other mics, it seems tiny. Even so, it is crystal clear, dependable, and excellent at canceling out noise. The Arctis 9 is compatible with PS5, which is the best part; once you buy one, there’s no need to change your audio configuration.

HyperX Cloud Alpha 3.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset for your PS4 system is hard to beat if everyone is okay with remaining connected to their setup. It’s a tried-and-true recipe that has been updated regularly over the years for a reason—it feels terrific on your head and sounds like a headset that ought to be much more expensive.
Depending on the colorway, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is now available for around £55 or $99.99. In our testing, we discovered that the most recent model had top-notch audio throughout the board, with a microphone that was among the finest in its class for less than $100 or £100.

Also, it works well with other platforms besides the PS4 thanks to the 3.5mm connector, enhancing the variety available. Also, an extension lead cord is provided, which we thought was excellent for gaming away from the desk. There isn’t much we can criticise this most recent endeavor for in 2023, given what you’re paying here.

One is the SteelSeries Arctis 7P+

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ and 7P will essentially have the same appearance. The former is still a fantastic PS5 headset, but in our opinion, the 7P+ should replace it as the standard model. SteelSeries has made some great improvements and given the headset some fresh life.
These worthwhile improvements don’t significantly alter the sound itself, but they do provide a better way to appreciate the already superb audio. This manifests as enhanced connection, a longer battery life of 30 hours, and a quick-charge feature for the battery as well. While these won’t bother someone who currently owns an Arctis 7P, they might be the deciding factor if you’re looking for a premium PS5 headset.
Yet for us, sound quality reigns supreme, as our testing of the 7P+ demonstrated. The lack of bass is a minor quibble, but it’s the only genuine criticism we have with the sound, which is clear, crisp, precise, rich, and well-rounded. To complete the experience, we’re still huge fans of the fantastic build that endures: there is a stylish design, the build makes the headset strong and solid while maintaining great comfort, and the ski-goggle headband, as well as the retractable microphone and onboard controls, are still as great as ever.

Recon 500 by Turtle Beach

The new Recon 500 is an excellent alternative if you want Turtle Beach’s quality and don’t mind going the wired way, which will give you more freedom and help you save some money. With its more powerful drivers and audio, it’s obviously a new headset for the next generation of PlayStations, but it’s still a great option for the best PS4 headset.

Although Turtle Beach’s newest in the long-running brand costs less than $100/£100, the Recon 500 won’t have opulent gamer-y design flairs or the highest quality materials. What you do discover, though, is sound that is crucially so outstanding that it astounds you and provides a PS5 headset experience that is excellent in quality and not too expensive.
Technology for injecting wood composites. drivers 60 mm. Each earcup has a dedicated woofer and tweeter. Even though it doesn’t seem like the recipe for clear, accurate sound, everything comes together in a tremendous surge of ultra-responsive bass, detailed high end, and a pleasingly flat EQ curve with just a little perceptible kick lower down the spectrum.
So you have that. Go to the bank with it. What isn’t going along for the voyage, though, are many extra functions; this wired edition is just equipped with a mic mute, a detachable mic arm, and a volume scroll wheel as physical controls. The new Recon is not one for constant tweakers, but it is worth checking out for individuals who value simplicity and excellent audio in general.

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