The 5 Best USB-C Headphones – Review

Several smartphones on the market only have a single USB-C connector that serves as a universal connection for charging, file transfer, and audio connections. Nearly all mobile devices now have USB-C ports because manufacturers have started to use them more frequently. While some USB-C headphones can only be used with a wire, others provide users the option of using them wirelessly as well.
Below are our suggestions for the top USB-C audio-capable headphones after testing over 700 different pairs of headphones. Check out our suggestions for the top Bluetooth headphones, true wireless earbuds, and headphones as well.

Logitech G333

The best type-C earphones we’ve tried are the Logitech G333. They typically cost approximately $50, but you may frequently buy them on sale for considerably less. Although they have a straightforward design, these corded gaming headphones contain an AUX to USB-C adapter that allows you to connect them to gadgets with a USB-C connection, such as your phone or computer. Your connection’s latency is increased by the adaptor, although it’s not too obvious. They are great for prolonged gaming sessions because they are stable and feature a comfy design that doesn’t wear out your inner ear.

Its bass-heavy sound profiles give mixes more body and punch, which can enhance the sound effects in action-packed video games. They do not, however, offer any tools for personalizing their sound to your preferences. Their onboard control system is constrained because there is no option to mute the microphone or skip tracks with the in-line remote. Thankfully, they don’t leak much audio and passively block out a fair bit of mid-range noise, such as conversation.

Samsung AKG Type-C

The Samsung AKG Type-C are the best USB-C headphones we’ve tested in the affordable category if you’re searching for something more cost-effective. These corded earphones are equally as comfotable and well-made as the Logitech G333, but only support USB-C, limiting their range of applications. When using them to watch a video on your phone, you won’t run into audio syncing problems because they offer a low latency connection with PCs and Android devices. Even if you wear them for several hours at a time, they won’t make you feel overly tired because of their lightweight, comfy construction. The braided audio cord on the well-built earbuds feels sturdy.
These in-ears provide a bass-heavy sound profile that gives your audio more punch and boom. Instruments and lead vocals are present in your mixes and are crystal clear since the rest of the range is well-balanced. Sadly, they lack noise canceling (ANC) and cannot shield you from low-frequency sounds, such as the rumbling of airplane and bus engines. Thankfully, they can still passively cancel out mid-range sounds, such as workplace background noise.

Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS Headphones

Those who wish to listen to music on the go will appreciate the Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS headphones’ small design. The USB Type-C connection on these headphones offers high-quality audio. The audio quality is improved by a built-in DAC, which offers clear treble and robust bass. High-quality audio drivers tuned by AKG are used in this headset to deliver upscale audio. Several Samsung products, including the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note10, are compatible with it. Some non-Samsung devices, however, will not function with this device. You’ll require a pair of premium Sony headphones for that.

This device creates full, balanced sounds with two-way speakers. It is made of high-quality materials that provide comfort and durability. Users can get the ideal fit with the variety of ear tips that are included with this device. This model includes a fabric-wrapped wire that resists tangling and performs admirably even under heavy use. It contains an integrated microphone that enables users to take calls and communicate while playing games. The black color pattern of this device matches the majority of smartphones and tablets.

WamGra JP54 Headphones

These WarmGra JP54 headphones have a revolutionary DAC chip, as opposed to the standalone device in the HIFIMAN HM-101 USB DAC, which produces high-fidelity sounds that will impress audiophiles. A top-notch USB-C port on the headset enables plug-and-play communication. This device includes a built-in microphone for recording sounds, and it works with a number of gadgets from manufacturers including OnePlus, Samsung, Apple, and Google Pixel. Even certain MacBooks and iPads can connect to it. Nevertheless, when connected to specific iPads and MacBooks, this device has microphone compatibility concerns.
The volume control, music selection, and call-answering controls are all located on an in-line controller. This gadget is comfortable to use and has a lightweight design that allows for prolonged use. It boasts premium ear tips that fit snugly and reduce background noise for an enjoyable listening experience. The headset has a sturdy, 47-inch wire that can be stretched and won’t fray or tangle. This device’s connector is highly dependable and facilitates quick data transmission.

Skullcandy Set In-Ear USB-C Earbuds

These earphones are just another example of Skullcandy pushing the envelope in the audio industry. The Skullcandy USB-C wired earphones are ideal for folks who don’t want to deal with Bluetooth and have devices without a 3.5mm socket. Their delicately contoured contours and plush earpads give them a lovely appearance. These fit perfectly and have a slim build. They also have a second volume control.

The sound quality of these wired earphones is still superior to anything else on the market for that price, even though they can’t compete with audio giants like Bose. They sound warm and rich with a slight bassiness. Also, even though they lack a specific input noise-canceling technology, communication through them is excellent. Most of the high-bitrate audio codecs used by modern hardware can be decoded by the DAC in these adorable little things.

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