The 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Android – Review

While wireless Bluetooth earphones will function with any Bluetooth-enabled device, buying headphones made with your OS in mind has some benefits. What are the best wireless headphones for Android? There are many excellent wireless earbuds designed especially for iPhones that have advantages like simpler pairing. It’s always crucial to get earphones that you find comfortable and fun to use, but some cool Android features, such as a compatible app or low latency, are worth checking for.
Below are our suggestions for the top headphones to pair with your Android phone after testing over 710 different pairings. The best affordable earbuds, the best wireless earbuds for running, and the best wireless earbuds for working out are all listed in our recommendations.

Epic Air Sport ANC True Wireless Earbuds from JLab Audio

If you’re not athletic, don’t assume that the JLab Epic Air Sport ANC, which are our top option for sports, are unsuitable for you. They’re great for most individuals for the same reasons they’re terrific for energetic people. They provide a secure fit, which is beneficial for people who have trouble using conventional earbuds. They are also IP66 rated, which indicates that they have strong dust resistance and can get very wet—but not completely submerged.
Even with glasses on, the over-ear loop style is comfortable. Although some individuals dislike this design, it allows for a very secure fit; we never once worried that they would slip out or get lost.

Although the sound is a little bass-heavy, there are many EQ choices to assist you adjust it for a more even tone. The battery life was a little shorter than promised. Although we only got about 13 hours out of a single charge compared to JLab’s guarantee of 15, that’s still a lot for genuine wireless headphones. If battery life is your main concern, it’s advisable to look at the Anker Space A40 because features like noise canceling will reduce battery life, even though their noise canceling is at most mild.
The case, which is a little bigger than the others, also houses a massive battery that provides roughly 3.5 extra charges. It (albeit bizarrely) has a USB cord attached, but wireless charging is more significant. If you’re headed out for a walk or hike, these are the ones you’d want to grab. But, the Anker Space A40 or Liberty 2 are the better options if you don’t like the over-ear loops.

Bose True Wireless QuietComfort Earbuds II

The best wireless earbuds for Android that we’ve tested are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Truly Wireless. There is no need to search further if you want the best of the best. With low latency on Android smartphones, these high-end earbuds—the next version of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Truly Wireless—ensure that your audio and visuals stay in sync when you’re streaming video. Also, they have a potent noise cancellation (ANC) system that effectively reduces background noise across the spectrum. They have a 6.7-hour battery life with ANC on, but their carrying bag has three extra charges if you need to extend that time.
They fit in well with genres like rock and pop thanks to their somewhat u-shaped sound profile. Vocals and instruments are sparkling and brilliant, while mixes have a little extra thump, punch, and boom. Having said that, you can customize their sound to your preferences. Whilst they still have a hefty style, they are still cozy enough for extended listening sessions.

Go Air Pop JLab

The Go Air Pop by JLab are not in any way the top earbuds on this list. But there is no greater guilt-free entrance point for wireless earphones than your choice of pizza toppings, which requires a lesser level of commitment. You could think of these as your trainer pair because they offer a terrific, low-risk option to determine whether genuine wireless is right for you.

The Go Air Pop provide a reliable connection and are simple to pair. For listening to music and podcasts in a variety of settings, the sound is adequate. They can have trouble delivering higher frequencies, especially cymbals, and there isn’t a lot of finesse, depth, or dimension here. But, there aren’t any excessive bass or sibilance either. These should sound OK if you’re not too finicky about it.
The earbud housings and the carrying case both give away their modest cost. However this package is also remarkably light and small enough to put in your pocket. Additionally, they lived up to or even beyond some of the finest battery life claims available, lasting eight hours in testing. Three more charges are in the case.
Unsurprisingly, there aren’t many features, like Active Noise Cancellation or a transparency option. However, there are no frills like auto-pause, wireless charging, or a separate app for more advanced capabilities like finding missing earbuds. Yet, the touch controls are effective, enabling fundamental playback control (including volume control) as well as fundamental EQ to enhance bass.
If you or a loved one are wanting to get into truly wireless earbuds on a very thin dime, JLab’s Go Air Pop are surprisingly well-equipped (especially in the battery department) for a price that hardly registers.

Best Mid-Range Wireless Earbuds For Android

You should think about the Google Pixel Buds Pro Truly Wireless if you’re looking for something slightly less expensive than our higher mid-range selection. These feature a comparable noise-canceling capabilities but lack the quality build of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 and have a shorter battery life. They offer multi-device pairing, in contrast to the previous option, so you can keep your phone and PC connected simultaneously. They have less charges in their casing than the Sennheiser, and its auto-off timer is absent. They offer a reliable, nearly eight-hour continuous battery life.
Their v-shaped sound profile guarantees that your audio has enough body and rumble, and that voices and instruments sound clear and vibrant. It can be adjusted with a visual EQ and presets in the companion app and is adaptable and especially well-suited for genres like rock and pop. Sadly, Android devices have rather high latency, thus you might experience lag when streaming video. The Sony Linkbuds S are a bit less expensive, have ANC performance that is comparable, and have a shorter latency. If you listen to a lot of music and sound quality is important to you, you might like the fact that they also support the LDAC codec for high-res audio.

Really Wireless Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2

The Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless are the best wireless earbuds for Android that we have tested if you’re searching for something more reasonably priced. They lack ANC and aren’t as configurable as more expensive earbuds like the Anker Soundcore Space A40 Truly Wireless, but their battery life makes them stand out. Although their seven-hour continuous battery life isn’t particularly impressive, their case can hold an additional 12.5 charges, giving you 100 hours of use before you need to recharge the case.

In addition to their fantastic overall battery life, they boast a simple design without any additional functions. They offer a moderately comfortable fit and come with stability fins to keep them in place throughout demanding workouts. They can also effectively passively shield you from some background noise, however they still have trouble with the rumble of passing buses. They lack sound modification tools, so you can’t change it if you want a different sound, but its bass-rich sound profile gives your audio more thump, punch, and boom.

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