The Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Helps Telework In Healthcare, According To A Review

A lot of Bluetooth headsets are made with comfort and mic clarity in mind, but not enough of them concentrate on audio quality. For those who require exceptional call clarity, Jabra’s new Evolve2 65 ($249) is a strong, well-made headset. It also offers fantastic stereo audio for music listening. The headset includes a fantastic boom mic, a really comfortable fit, and a strong battery life. It also offers UC or MS optimization, comes with a charging station, and has controls specifically designed for Microsoft Teams. In this category, it also has the greatest audio performance we’ve recently heard, earning our Editors’ Choice for premium Bluetooth headsets.


The Evolve2 65, which is available in black, gray, or white, would resemble a pair of supra-aural (on-ear) headphones if it weren’t for the boom mic. 40mm drivers with a 20Hz–20kHz frequency range are hidden under the perforated leather-like material that lines the earpads. With plush, silicone-coated foam cushioning on the inside of the headband for enhanced comfort, the fit is light and secure overall.

Boom microphones can be entirely muted by rotating them upward, while they can be unmuted and used to take incoming calls by rotating them downward. On the right earcup’s side panel, a three-button array is located. The centre button controls playback (paused playback automatically switches the headset to ambient listening mode so you can easily converse in person), while the outside buttons adjust the volume and switch tracks. Using the center button will also open a Microsoft Teams notice, start the Microsoft Teams software, and answer or end calls.
The power/pairing switch is situated close to the charging connections for docking the headset on the lower portion of the panel. Coworkers are warned not to disturb you by a status light in the right ear’s outer ring that glows red when you’re on a call.


You may easily switch between a computer and a mobile device after the USB dongle is linked to your computer and turned on as an audio output. During testing, switching between listening to music on a MacBook Pro and making calls on an iPhone 8 was a reasonably seamless procedure. When a call was made or answered, the audio on the computer would instantly pause. But, the audio didn’t always automatically resume; it would play and then stop. Moreover, if the Music app is active on both a Mac and a phone, it may confuse the headset’s playback button, causing you to only toggle between the two sources of music rather than totally pausing both.
See Our Bluetooth Headset Testing Procedure

The three-mic array provides excellent speech understanding. We were able to comprehend every phrase exactly well and without any Bluetooth distortion using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone 8. Crisp and clear, with a hint of low-frequency depth, the recording was. In addition to being of high quality, the boom location is also quite helpful in this situation.
Those on the opposite end of the line could hear us clearly throughout calls and commented on the mic’s excellent clarity. Likewise, the audio on our in-ear call was perfect for understanding the other party as well as for hearing just enough of our own voices to enable speaking at modest, natural volumes. Although the headset is advertised as being able to passively block out background sounds, we had no trouble hearing neighboring automobile horns and sirens.

Sound quality

The sound quality of any headset is arguably its most crucial feature. You want to be able to hear clearly whether you’re on the nth call of the day while working in a busy contact center or relaxing while listening to your favorite music. Fortunately, the Jabra Evolve 65 has 28mm speakers with high-quality drivers to produce exceptionally clear sound and calls. While the Evolve 65’s music streaming experience falls short of my Sony headphones’, it is still the closest any headset I have ever used has come to matching it. It is also more than sufficient for use in between calls so you don’t need to switch. I could hear properly no matter what was going on around me because to the effective background noise cancellation provided by the carefully constructed ear cushions.

I must admit that when I initially heard Jabra make the claim that their EVOLVE line of headsets has even stronger noise-cancelling, I was a little skeptical. Working in my field, you learn to be skeptical of whatever a manufacturer says, so I was pleasantly delighted to learn that, for once, my skepticism was unfounded and that the noise-cancelling technology is of a very high caliber.
The Evolve 65 emerged as the clear winner after we put its built-in noise-cancelling microphone to the test and contrasted it with several competing wireless headsets. We strongly recommend it for use in louder offices or even outside (if you don’t mind a few sideways glances from onlookers). It picked up less ambient noise and the wearer sounded clearest when using it.


The Jabra Evolve2 65 headset isn’t cheap, but its comfy design and clear microphone make up for its cost. There is a lot to enjoy here, especially when coupled with great stereo audio performance. We also like the mono Sennheiser Presence UC ML ($200), the stereo Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC ($220), and the mono BlueParrott B550-XT Bluetooth ($200), a mono headset that focuses on mic quality for noisy environments. The Evolve2 65, however, offers everything for everyone for a little bit more, earning our Editors’ Choice.

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