TOZO T6 review: Don’t pass up this amazing $50 AirPods clone.

For those on a tight budget who enjoy working out or commuting, the TOZO T6 are a reliable pair of affordable true wireless earbuds. Be cautious to lower your expectations with these earphones, even though the IPX8 rating for the earbuds and case is a major positive. The volume always reaches its maximum when it connects to a source device, and the microphone quality is poor—especially in less-than-ideal circumstances. This can be a fine headset if you can get over that, but other earbuds are available that don’t automatically turn up the volume with every re-connection.


In-ear or vacuum plugs are this style. As a result, you can predict their appearance and ensure that they fit snugly once you know that.
The model is offered in numerous variations, and TOZO is unaffected by the color palette of red, white, blue, black, green, pink, and beige. Yet in our perspective, the model looks best in black and white, which are timeless hues. The descriptions of the two colors—beige as Champagne and pink as Rose Gold—indicate that they are faded tones. The colors here are subdued and uninteresting, but this is a question of taste. In NC2, all the colors were vibrant and saturated, and they looked excellent. The silicone ear cushions are a plus because they match the case’s color.
The device has a very basic, even minimalistic, design. An LED indication and a microphone hole are located on the front side of the device. The touchpad’s interior is matte, while the front is composed of glossy plastic.
On the rear are two gold-plated charging contacts as well as the word “TOZO” inscribed in small letters. There is a letter that denotes the type of headphone you are looking at: left or right, between the inscription and the contacts.

As earbuds don’t have feet, manufacturers often construct elongated small covers for them, therefore it was an unexpected choice to create a vertical charging case for them. The actual case seems understated. On the cover, there isn’t even the customary “TOZO” inscription.
The case can be opened with one hand, which is practical, and there is a finger slit above the four white LED charge indicators. The headphone connectors are shiny yet the case’s interior is matte. The left and right slots are indicated merely by letters inside; there are no inscriptions or technical details. Only that the case is waterproof is all there is to say about it. A unique rubber plug is present even on the charging connector at the bottom.

Longevity of the Battery and Case Charging

The charging case is just the right size to prevent loss of the earbuds while they are in it. It provides a secure and dependable location to store them when not in use, being roughly the size of your hand’s palm. Best of all, when you put the earbuds in the case, the separate batteries are continuously charged. This isn’t a special feature of TOZO earphones, but it’s a pleasant added bonus that usually means you won’t have to think about charging them all the time.

Between full recharge cycles, the earphones are said to last for about 5 hours. We decided to verify this claim for ourselves because we were a little dubious about it. We removed them from the case once we had a full charge and made the decision to listen to them continuously for as long as we could. A low-battery signal came at roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes with the volume set to about halfway. In the end of the day, this was both understandable and a little unsettling.

Sound quality

Moving on, sound quality, which is arguably the TOZO T6’s most crucial aspect, is next. In order to maintain excellent quality sound, it is obvious from the specifications that certain nice features have been added. The HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP sound profiles are supported by the T6 while using Bluetooth 5.0. These are some of the newest wireless audio transmission standards that are crucial to overall clarity and quality.
In order to adequately assess the advantages and disadvantages of sound, we listened to a variety of genres, performers, and songs. Although we thought the sound was excellent in terms of clarity and crispness, the bass was not as impressive. The T6 delivered the mids and highs just as we had hoped, but we thought the lows and bass were a little underwhelming. Although the bass wasn’t quite as heavy and rumbling as we had hoped, the vocals and crispness in general seemed acceptable.

The fact that some headphones will perform better than others is obvious. The game is simply designed that way. To produce a deep and rich bass profile in earbuds is very challenging, in our opinion. This is brought on by the physical constraints and diminutive size of earbuds themselves. The resonant effects that are considerably easier to generate with over-ear or noise-cancelling headphones are challenging with a bass-producing device that is so small.


The TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds haven’t exactly been met with many complaints, to be honest. The majority of people will find them to be a decent choice because they are small, comfortably fit, and have many appealing characteristics. The sound quality is quite impressive for this pricing point, despite the little bass deficiency. Certainly, they may not be able to compete with more expensive earbuds like the Jabra Elite 75T, but they are more than adequate for the ordinary listener.

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